The Basics Of Meeting Japanese Women

Intercultural relationships are challenging for everybody. When two people come from different cultures, there are always going to be some conflicts and difficulties. These arise from a lack of understanding. If you really understand your partner’s culture and how it’s different from yours, you can effectively work through problems when they arise.

No matter where a Japanese woman goes in the world, she never leaves her culture behind. People just don’t change completely because they live in another country, even if they spend years or a majority of their lives there. What usually happens is that you take on some things from the new culture externally, but inside you’re just the same.

Anybody with any experience with Japanese people knows that there’s a huge difference between western culture and Japanese culture. It’s hard sometimes for westerners to be friends with Japanese or do business with them; and of course, it’s tough to have an intercultural relationship.Let’s look at how Japanese people and westerners think differently. This will have a major effect on your relationships with Japanese women.First, communication styles are very different. Communication is key in building a successful relationship, so this can present some challenges. In the west, we like to say things up front and talk things out. Japanese people, on the other hand, don’t like to say things directly, and prefer communicating in other ways.

For westerners, this can be frustrating because we see it as NOT communicating, rather than communicating differently.You have to keep in mind that Japanese women are turned off by you being too direct. It’s also good to remember that she may not come right out and say what she thinks. If you can really understand how this works in Japanese culture, you can make it work.Family is also really important for Japanese people. In western countries, once you’re through with college, you’re on your own. You’re now an independent adult with free reign more or less to do whatever you want to do. This is not so with Japanese people, and especially women. What they’re family thinks is likely to be really important for them, even when they live half a world away. What their family thinks may be even more important than what they think.

This can cause serious problems in relationships.Along with the family connection, Japanese society is very group-oriented. Western countries are the exact opposite. In Japan, you stick with your group and you get all the safety and prosperity that you need.  We in the west are taught that you have to break free from the crowd to succeed. This can cause misunderstandings when Japanese women stick with their friends or with other Japanese so closely.

Finally, generosity is a huge thing in Japan. Japanese people like to give more than receive. This is one of the wonderful things about meeting a Japanese woman; if she loves you, she’ll give you her all. But, be sure you give to her if you want to keep her.